Welcome to Allen's Supermarket

Remember the neighborhood grocery store of your childhood? The place where everyone knew your name, where special orders were never a problem, and where you knew the food was fresh because you could see it being delivered every day? 


Well, welcome back to the good old days! Excellent, high quality products at low prices - Allen's Supermarket delivers that and more.

Meat Market

Since 1967, Allen's market has strived to serve the best meats in the metro area.  Fresh beef, pork, and poultry, cut daily to your request.  Allen's ground meats; hamburger, chuck, sausage, etc, are prepared with no additives or perservitives.  Allen's also has our own smoked sausages, stuffed peppers, cooked roast beef, and a full line of fresh smoked meats.  Drop by and try a sample, we are sure you will be pleased.

Your Grocery Store

We are YOUR neighborhood grocery store.  Our customer service is first rate.  We STILL carry your purchases to your car, we sell ethanol free gas for your convenience, and you can always expect a warm smile and a hearty “Thank You” from our employees   …. just like in the good old days!!  


Allen’s has prided itself for years on customer feedback that we have the “best meats around.”  We work hard to maintain that reputation. We stock a wide variety of both food and household items. These include many special low-cost brands, along with many of the brands you grew up with. Allen's provides you with the wide variety of a supermarket without the hassle of wandering endless aisles through a mega-store.


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